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Secrets Unsealed - Pastor Stephen Bohr


What is Worship?


I have to admit I used to think worship meant that we had to tell God how wonderful He is. I felt God wanted our worship whether we felt it or not.  In fact, I thought we had to give him worship whenever He wanted it and we were nothing but slaves.


The reality was I had a perverted understanding of what worship means. I had it all wrong. I couldn't understand why the Angels in Heaven could worship God only because I honestly didn't understand why and how God deserved worship.


In this short text, I will try to explain what worship is.  First we need to get a definition of what worship means, and there is no better place to start than the dictionary.


Webster's New World Dictionary defines worship to mean:




Reading the dictionary definition of worship opened my eyes to what God really wants from His creation. He simply wants our love. God loves his creation and has given us a free will to love Him back or not. The simple fact that God wants us to love Him erases the notion He desires recognition just because He is God.


By looking at God's plan of redemption, through His son Jesus, we understand why God deserves worship.


God wants our love given to Him Freely, not out of duty. We live in a state of free will, and in a free will existence we have the freedom to say NO.  Though, we may not love God He still loves everyone who doesn't love Him.


If God forced us to love Him, our love wouldn't be of our own choice.  We have a word for this, that word is rape. God is not looking to force Himself on us but wants us to come to Him freely.


Love has to have the right to be offered freely and rejected freely. God has given us the right to say "No thank you".


As said before, God will not force you to love him or force His way into your life.  God is a gentleman and stands at the door of your heart.  It is up to you whether you open your door or not.


We have to let Him into our lives freely. As he stands at the door of your heart, are you listening? Will you let Him in? Remember, God only wants the best for you and wants to share Eternity with you. Please take time to search your heart and mind. If you wish further direction on how to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior check out our Sinners Prayer page.


Click Here for a simple Sinners Prayer.


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