Life can Change on a Dime.

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Secrets Unsealed - Pastor Stephen Bohr



On a Dime?


Most have heard the expression, "Turn On a Dime", but whether you believe it or not your life can take a drastic turn for the worse ... on a Dime...  Have you ever watched the news or heard someone say, "I never thought this would happen to me. "


Most people feel tragedies happen to others and will not happen to them. I don't know if this is just a Defense Mechanism, but we all turn our minds eye away from thinking of troubles happening to us. People feel if they pay attention and are careful, they will be OK.


I knew something bad could happen to me, but most likely wouldn't if I made sound decisions.   Nevertheless as life would have it, I was in for a rude awakening.   At one time I was a highly paid successful Software QA Test Engineer, then one day the company I worked for closed down their Oregon Research and Development site.  Over 135 people were laid off, including me.  In a short span  of time, I found myself with the loss of my job, my home, my savings spent to survive and was going through a divorce.    Then for the cherry on the cake,  I incurred a severe back injury and found myself just days away from living on the street with a debilitating back injury unable to even walk.


All this happened in successive stages and I was without control over my life.  Life is treating me better now and I'm  now on Social Security Disability, but this experience has shown me just how fragile life is and how one can hit the rocks by no fault of their own.


If one thing in life is true, it's that your life can change on a Dime.  It's at these times when you realize that you do not have control over your own life like you think. Most feel they are the pilots of there own destiny and are in complete control of their life.  The reality is that one injury, the loss of a job or the loss of a loved one can derail your happiness, security and hope for a future.


How many of you are gambling on current safety and security for that proverbial financial Brass Ring? With the economy getting worse and the price of food, clothes, rents and mortgages increasing each day, are you foolishly taking for granted what you have now?


What would you do if your life took a turn for worse?   What if you lost your secure job or your health was attacked with a dreaded disease? Who or what would you turn to?


With times as shaky as they are now, are you placing your trust on what you have for savings, your job or skill set? What will you rely on if you find yourself in need? It's during hard times that you find out just what is important in life...


During hard times there is one person you can depend on and that is Jesus. Jesus takes care of His own and will help those who are His. During times of trouble, reassurance and spiritual help are only as far as your Bible and prayer. Comfort and peace are given to those who know God and are looking for relief of their daily stresses and trials.


If you do not have a relationship with Jesus, please consider turning your heart and life over to God... He will will walk with you through troubles and give encouragement as you go through them. Jesus will not let you down if you are His child..


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