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Secrets Unsealed - Pastor Stephen Bohr



Kingdom Workers


If you are a worker for the Kingdom then you know you are hated by Satan. The reason being, Satan knows that if the Kingdom of Heaven is preached through-out the world, his time is not only running out but his final defeat is imminent.


Satan has tried to keep the Kingdom message from being preached by redirecting our attention toward peripheral matters rather then the Kingdom. By doing this, he is fending off his inevitable final destruction.


As believers we sometimes become preoccupied with Religion, Salvation, Heaven, Hell, Angels, Prophecy, fighting against evil, prosperity and anything except the original message that Jesus preached, The Kingdom of Heaven.


By not focusing on what Jesus' main purpose was for coming to Earth and not continuing in His ministerial footsteps we are delaying the Second Coming of Christ.  Remember, it's not the signs of the times that we live in
that will usher in the return of Christ, but it is the following...



If we as Christians wish to hasten the return of Jesus then we need to focus on His mission and reason for being sent to Earth... and that was to spread the good news of The Kingdom of Heaven.


We need to study and learn more about the Kingdom of God and by doing so this will give us the tools we need to fulfill Jesus' original message and mandate.  This will not only educate us of the Kingdom Principals but it will also hasten the return of our saviour, Jesus, by proclaiming the Gospel to a dying world. 


Dennis Triplett
Hastening the Return of Christ ... and God's Government of Love.







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