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Secrets Unsealed - Pastor Stephen Bohr


Is it just me, or is Greed taking over the United States and the whole world? With banks and financial services failing, car companies asking for bailouts, food prices rising while portion sizes diminish our paychecks are not stretching as far as they used to.


What is happening around the world? Those who have, want more, and those who don't have, lose more. How long will it take before Greed starts to wear down and tear the fragile fabric of civilized nations around the globe?  Will the economies around the world get so bad that crime will rise to the point where no one will be safe, even here in the United States?


In America, gone are the days when we as a nation, used to help and look out for our neighbors. We are now starting to live by the dogma of a 'Me First' mind set.


Most know what Greed is, but what is the true definition as defined by Webster Dictionary?




Greed is an insidious sickness that can ensnare a person, even to the point of going against one's knowledge of right and wrong. Greed is accompanied by rationalization, which is used to accomplish the benefits of Greed. It is used to justify one's greedy actions and gain. I.E. "They deserved it", "They were going to lose it anyway", "I need it, they have enough", "I can put it to better use than they can", "Everyone else is doing it so I better do it before they do"...


So what does the Bible say about Greed and its partner, Covetousness?





Greed has been around for centuries, but in the latter days, Greed will grow and the hearts of Mankind will become more wicked.   As we head towards the end of time and the return of Jesus, we will start seeing more hearts turning towards the "Me First" mind set.  The outcome will be suffering and sorrow for Mankind.


With current times changing, who or what will you turn to when times get hard for you? I hope it's God, after all, this life isn't all there is to your existence. Decisions you make now, will determine what will happen to you after you pass from this life. Will you be with God for eternity, or will you be destroyed in the Second Death?


God wants a relationship with you and doesn't want you to be lost after time has stopped.  He has made provision for you through His son Jesus.  All you have to do is accept it.  If you do not know Christ, please consider your future and the hard times that are speeding towards Mankind.  Place your trust in Christ for this life and the here-after.


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