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"David Asscherick's Discover Prophecy Seminars"

A Highly Acclaimed Bible Prophecy Video Series that I whole heartedly endorse. I was totally blown away by what I learned from this video series and was shocked that all through of my Christian walk I was not aware of most of the content discussed in these excellent Bible Prophecy videos.

The vast majority of Christian churches are wrong about the Antichrist, The Rapture, subjects on Hell and Death and what the true Mark of the Beast will be. After watching these videos, it made me wonder why the Christian community is so oblivious to these Bible truths? Be prepared for a wake up call as these videos are a Must See.
This powerful Bible Prophecy video series will give you a complete, clear and truthful understanding of Bible Prophecy from Genesis to Revelation about the Antichrist, Hell, Death and the United State's roll in Bible Prophecy. You will finally know with certainty, what the Mark of the Beast actually is.
Prepare yourself for an amazing revelation of who God is with an in depth view of God's intricate plan for Mankind's Salvation. After viewing these videos, you will know Bible Truths like you've never known before.
Pastor Asscherick's Biography

David Asscherick is an ordained pastor, founder of Arise Institute Ministries, and an international evangelist who travels the world over preaching the good news of Jesus Christ. He appears regularly on 3ABN and Hope TV satellite networks spreading the Three Angel's Message

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Pastor Asscherick has been the speaker for the Discover Prophecy Seminars and Hope for the Homeland series showing his unique and well known speaking style that many consider, "edge of your seat" engaging.

David is a former extreme sports enthusiast, skateboarder and punk rocker. Asscherick became a Christian at the age of 23 after reading The Great Controversy by Ellen White, which turned his attention to the Bible and religion in general. Shortly afterward, he gave up his study for what would have been a promising medical career in order to become a Pastor. He received his tutelage under Louis Torres at the Mission College of Evangelism located then in Black Hills, South Dakota. Asscherick is currently the Director of the ARISE Institute (A Resource Institute for Soul winning and Evangelism.), an evangelist training center located in Sonora, CA. He is married to his wife, Violetta and is the father of two boys, Landon and Jabel.

While Asscherick's career involves traveling, teaching, and preaching responsibilities, he is also an avid, rock climber, surfer, bird watcher, nature photographer, and reader.


David Asscheric's Discover Prophecy Lecture Series -- The War Behind the Wars - Part 1 and The War Behind the Wars - Part 2 on Coronal Winds Radio - Listen in on Monday - Wednesday and Friday

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This powerful Bible Prophecy series will give you a complete understanding of Bible prophecy and will reveal with clarity the true vision and plan of God for Mankind's Salvation.

After viewing these videos, you will have a complete understanding of Bible prophetic truths like you've never had before.

DVD Catalog and Disk Contents
For DVD Disk 1 - Click Here
1 - You Can Understand Bible Prophecy 2 - How Ancient Babylon Foretold the End of the World
For DVD Disk 2 - Click Here
3 - How Near is the End 4 - Bible Prophecy's Answer for Human Suffering
For DVD Disk 3 - Click Here
5 - The War Behind the Wars - Part 1 6 - The War Behind the Wars - Part 2
For DVD Disk 4 - Click Here
7 - Does Jesus Christ Have A Twin? 8 - The Actual, Certain, Unavoidable Identity of the Antichrist
For DVD Disk 5 - Click Here
9 - The Rock that Simply Will Not Roll - Part 1 10 - The Rock that Simply Will Not Roll - Part 2
For DVD Disk 6 - Click Here
11 - How Jesus Christ Will Defy the Skeptics and Return to Earth 12 - How to Get and to Remain Undeceived
For DVD Disk 7 - Click Here
13 - There Really Is A Final Judgment 14 - Perfect Prophetic Proof of Jesus Christ's Identity
For DVD Disk 8 - Click Here
15 - When Will the Final Judgment Take Place? 16 - How to Face Death Unafraid
For DVD Disk 9 - Click Here
17 - How to Postpone Your Funeral 18 - The Good News About Hell
For DVD Disk 10 - Click Here
19 - How Not To Get The Mark of the Beast 20 - The United States in Bible Prophecy
For DVD Disk 11 - Click Here
21 - Babylon is Alive and Well 22 - God Has A Church On Earth
For DVD Disk 12 - Click Here
23 - Who is Real Israel 24 - How to Get On and Stay On the Straight and Narrow


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